Early Bird Special

R4500 including an entry to the Training Camp on 6 and 7 August (valued at R1500). Valid from 1 December for the first 25 entrants into the 100 Miler.


The race will start and finish at the Karkloof Country Club, and will turn at the famous Benvie Gardens. The exact route will only be released at the training camp in August 2022, but we do not foresee any major changes. The route is an out and back course, with aid stations every 10 miles. The terrain itself is very runnable. The elevation gain for the route is approximately 3500m. The route is approximately 160km long, the exact distance will be confirmed closer to the time. Cut Off's
Benvie Gardens - 80km: 18 Hours (14h00 - Saturday)
Bushwillow Camp Site - 112km: 25 Hours (21h00 - Saturday)
Karkloof Country Club Aid station - 144km: 33 Hours (05h00 - Sunday)
Finish Line - 160km: 36 Hours (08h00 - Sunday)

Compulsory Gear

  • 1 Liter liquid carrying capacity
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Phone (Charged)
  • Space Blanket
  • Mask / Buff
  • Number (for runner and pacer)
  • Headlamp for 100 Milers - Does not have to be carried for the daytime section.
The organisers retain the right to adjust this if extreme weather conditions are predicted.

Aid Stations

Major Aid Stations:
There are 5 major Aid Stations that serve the 100 Milers twice and the 50 Milers once. The list of Aid Stations are listed below and a description of what they will be stocked with, will be added closer to the time.

  • Karkloof Country Club
  • Rockwood
  • Bushwillow
  • Mbona
  • Benvie
Caravan Aid Stations
There will be one located in between each Aid Station to reduce the distance between stations for certain essentials. They will be stocked with water, ice and coke.
  • Karkloof Falls - inward bound only
  • Top of Honey Loop
  • Canopy Tours
  • Msomi Crossing
  • Mbona Bottom Gate


100 Mile Pacers are permitted at the Karkloof 100 miler.

  • Pacers can join their runners from the turnaround point at Benvie Gardens (check point 5) for the 100 Mile runners and from the Karkloof Country Club for the 50 Mile runners.
  • Pacers can be swapped out at any major Aid Station, Caravan Aid Station or designated viewpoints that crew and spectators are allowed to access.
  • Pacers need to carry the same compulsory gear as per the runner’s compulsory gear list.
  • Pacers may assist their runners in any way, other than by pushing, pulling or carrying them.
  • Pacers may not mule for their runners. Muling is to carry any of the compulsory items or nutrition and hydration.


2 nights of camping is included in your entry.
Please note that any crew and supporters will also need to book and pay for camping. Booking for camping will be done through Karkloof Trail Series and not via the Karkloof Country Club.
Booking will open on the 1st August 2022 for additional camping.

Crews and Supporters

Crew form an integral part of the race, and many runners regard it as a team effort.
You can see you runners at the following places, during non-curfew hours:

  • Karkloof Country Club Aid Station
  • Sappi Road Crossing
  • Karkloof Canopy tours
  • Bushwillow Camp Site
  • Msomi Road Crossing
  • Mbona Aid Station
  • Mbona Bottom Gate
  • Benvie Gardens
This gives you approximately 15 places to see your runner along the 100 Mile route!
The access roads to checkpoints and viewpoints are a combination of tar and dirt roads but all passable with a standard sedan vehicle. Some dirt sections are in poor condition. Please do not go in search of your own spectator points as you may jeopardise the future of the race by annoying local land owners. Please drive as slowly as possible to improve the safety for everyone around you. There are sections of the course where the runners and crew vehicles share the course, although far fewer than before. There is a tendency to rush between points, but this is unnecessary as there is enough time to get between the points ahead of your runners on each occasion.
  • Please do not enter the Runners’ Only Area of the Aid Stations.
  • Please do not go onto any private land whatsoever - this jeopardises the future of the race.
  • If you are found trespassing, your runner will be disqualified immediately.
Viewing Points
  • View points are points along the route where crew and spectators can see and support their runners and pacers can be exchanged.
  • Public roads within the vicinity of the club. Do not stray onto private land.

Refunds, Deferrals, Postponement & Cancellation

Refunds, Deferrals:

  • The following refunds are applicable if a runner withdraws their entry:
    • 100% before 1 June 2022
    • 50% before 1 August 2022
    • 25% before 1 September 2022
    • No refund from 1 September 2022 to Race Day
  • Runners can defer their entry to the following year at any time before 1 September 2022.
  • Runner deferring entries will be liable for any additional costs owed due to price increases.
Postponement and Cancellation:
  • If the race organisers are forced to postpone the race for any reason, all runner entries will be transferred to the new date.
  • If runners cannot make the new date, a refund will apply. Runners will need to request a refund in writing.
  • If the race organisers are forced to cancel the race due to unforeseen circumstances, the following will apply:
    • Cancellation of race before the 1st August 2022 - 100% refund or deferral to following year, depending on the runner’s choice.
    • Cancellation of the race between 1 August and 31 August 2022 - 50% refund or deferral to following year.
    • Cancellation of race after 1 September 2022 - 25% refund or deferral to following year.

Entry Excludes

  • Personal Race Nutrition
  • Camping Gear
  • Runner Gear
  • Camping Fees for Supporters

Entry Includes

  • A Life-changing experience
  • 100 Miles of Marked Trails
  • Race Garment
  • Finisher's Buckle & Garment
  • Field Camping for 2 Nights
  • Meal and Drink Voucher to redeem at the Club
  • Medical and Safety Support Services
  • Fully Stocked Aid Stations
  • Entry for Pacers

Karkloof 100 Logo_Full Colour.png
23 September 2022

 The Karkloof 100 Miler is South Africa’s largest 100 mile trail race, taking place in the Karkloof Valley in September each year.
The 100 Mile runners set off from the Karkloof Country Club on Friday night, with the winners expected back after 17 hours, and the last finishers coming in before 8am on Sunday morning.