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The Karkloof 100 Miler: On the Path to Success

Launched in 2017, the Karkloof 100 Miler, the fifth 100-mile event in South Africa's race calendar, is now poised to attract the largest field of participants for any 100-mile race in the country this year. But what is the secret to the race's allure and burgeoning popularity?

Mbona Trails - Karkloof Trail Series

Drawing inspiration from the globally renowned Leadville 100 Miler in the USA, the Karkloof 100 Miler delivers what we like to call 'the greatest show on trail'. This 100-mile out-and-back trip, commencing and concluding at the Karkloof Country Club, winds through the captivating Kwazulu Natal landscape, cutting through indigenous forests, pine logging plantations, and open grasslands. The terrain undulates moderately, with a total elevation gain of 3,400m, making it an accessible and appealing challenge for both first-timers venturing into the realm of 100 milers and seasoned ultra-runners.

One of the defining aspects of this race is its use of well-established trails, minimizing the impact on the environment and respecting the natural beauty of the region. The out-and-back course presents an interesting mental challenge - runners often find themselves walking on sections they initially thought they could run. But it's not just about the struggle and the challenge - it's about the reward. Each finisher earns a custom-made 100 Miler buckle from Colorado, with their names inscribed on the People's Trophy alongside all past 100 Miler finishers.

The People's Trophy - Karkloof Trail Series

The Karkloof 100 Miler is not just an event, but a significant contributor to the local community. A study by the Umgeni Tourism Department suggests the race brings more than R3 million into the area each year. As the race continues to grow, our goal is to involve the community, landowners, and all those who love this area even more.

50 Miler - Karkloof Trail Series

Beyond the 100 miler, the Karkloof Trail Series features a variety of other races, including the 50 Miler, 30 Miler, 20 Miler, 10 Miler, and 5 Miler. These races offer something for every trail runner, whether they are a newbie embarking on their first race or an elite runner seeking a thrilling challenge.

The Karkloof 100 Miler stands on the brink of even greater success, attracting a diverse mix of runners and striving to involve the local community as much as possible. As we evolve, our goals remain simple: to put on one hell of a show, to make our races more accessible, and to continue to build on our already impressive heritage. And all are invited to be part of this incredible journey.

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