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Your Two-Week Countdown to the Karkloof Trail Series

What You Need to Know

With around two weeks to go until the Karkloof Trail Series, it's time to shift your focus from heavy training to fine-tuning your preparations. Let's delve into some race considerations to ensure you're at your best on race day. Your Countdown to the Karkloof Trail Series begins.

2 Weeks Out, Karkloof Trail Series

Physical Preparation

  1. Tapering: Tapering is crucial to allow you to get the race in your best possible shape. Reduce your training volume but maintain workout intensity to ensure peak performance.

  2. Nutrition: A balanced diet is your best ally. Carbohydrates for energy, proteins for muscle repair, and healthy fats for overall well-being. Don't forget to hydrate!

  3. Rest and Recovery: Quality sleep and light stretching can make a world of difference in how you feel on race day.

  4. Injury Check: Address any lingering issues now. If needed, consult a healthcare professional.

Mental Preparation

  1. Visualization: Imagine yourself conquering the unique terrains of the Karkloof trails. How will you pace yourself? How will you tackle those challenging segments?

  2. Mindfulness: Use mindfulness techniques to centre yourself, reduce pre-race anxiety, and improve your focus.

Gear and Kit

  1. Footwear: Your shoes should be trail-tested and comfortable but not overly worn.

  2. Clothing: Given the Karkloof weather conditions, make sure your race-day outfit is both functional and comfortable.

  3. Tech and Gadgets: Ensure your GPS and other devices are race-ready. Don't forget to bring power banks for GPS and phone recharging.

  4. Nutrition Supplies: Stock up on your preferred race-day nutrition and remember to test these during your taper runs.

  5. Route GPS: Download the race route to your GPS watch and familiarize yourself with how to load it.

  6. Mobile Apps: Consider installing an app like MapOut. Load the GPX track to your phone and download the topographical maps for the Karkloof region. Make sure you know how to use the app effectively. Your phones GPS does not use cellular network for tracking purposes so you don’t need an active connection. The GPS and tracking will work on your phone even while the phone is in aeroplane mode.

Special Considerations for Night Runners (50-Milers and 100-Milers)

  1. Lighting: If you haven't already, test your headlamps and any other lighting equipment you'll use. Aim to do this at least a couple of times before race day to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

  2. Power Banks: Given the extended duration of your race, make sure you have adequate power banks to recharge your GPS and phone.

  3. Route Familiarization: Download the race route to your GPS watch and ensure you know how to load it. This is crucial for navigation, especially at night.

  4. Topographical Maps: Use an app like MapOut to download the topographical maps for the Karkloof region. Familiarize yourself with the app's features to aid in navigation.

Final Tips

  1. Course Review: If you can, walk or lightly jog parts of the course to familiarize yourself with the terrain. Additionally, load the course into Google Earth for a virtual fly-through. This can significantly aid in visualization and mental preparation.

  2. Team Connection: Keep in touch with your coaches and fellow runners. Shared wisdom and encouragement can be invaluable.

  3. Weather Watch: Keep an eye on the forecast to make any last-minute gear adjustments.

By taking these steps, you'll set yourself up for a successful and enjoyable experience at the Karkloof Trail Series. Happy trails!


Fred Richardson - Mindful Runner

More about Fred: With a wealth of experience in trail and ultra-running, Fred Richardson founded Mindful Runner, a platform equipped with a team of expert coaches guiding runners of all abilities. Prioritizing both physical training and mental resilience, Mindful Runner helps athletes unlock their full potential. Whether you're a beginner or an ultra-marathoner, the platform provides valuable insights, strategies, and a deeper understanding of trail and ultra-running. For anyone looking to embark on or advance their running journey, is an invaluable resource, acting as a guiding beacon in the running community and a perfect place to find your ideal running coach.

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